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The Beginning... Sort Of...

I'm in the beginning of a career in video production... Actually, back up... I'm on the cusp of a career in video production. It hasn't actually started yet. No job, so to speak. I studied videography at school & learned the fundamentals, but since I graduated in June of '09, most of the videos I've made or helped make were either recreational or I was doing it on a volunteer basis. In the last year or so I've helped shoot & edit a good handful of events from weddings to musical performances to a fashion show, and I wrote/directed/edited a music video for a local musician. It's been fun... Fun, but not very financially rewarding... yet.

It's not that hard to pinpoint the reasons for my lack of job offers. The economy's crap, for one. But more importantly, I don't have the robust portfolio... only the know-how & a brain packed with ideas... which doesn't help if you don't have the tools. With no camera & no Mac, I lack the ability to create something without sneaking into my college's computer lab or begging friends to use their stuff... Hey man, can I borrow your camera? Can I use your Mac?... It gets old.

Moneyy... I'm broke! I don't have the luxury of wealthy parents & the job I have now's barely cutting it as it is. I don't have the money to buy these things... Or do I?... Looks like Uncle Sam's gonna give me a pretty decent tax return. Looks like it might be enough to get at least a refurbished MacBook Pro, something I can run Final Cut Pro on. Maybe a little After Effects. Sprinkle a little Photoshop in there. But definitely Final Cut. Shoot, if I get a Mac, at least I'll be able to freelance as an editor & take advantage of all those folks on Craigslist looking for someone to whip up their footage into a nice little coherent video... If I do that enough, maybe I can save up for the camera I want... and then it's big time game on from there.

So let's see what happens when I get my tax return. Hopefully I'll be able to get a Mac with it.

I'll be looking for companies to get a steady job with, meanwhile taking on freelance side projects to bolster the ol' portfolio.

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