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IMPERIAL MOTION // Color Change T-Shirt Series

Every once in a while you get to work with the kind of brand that kind of made you want to get into video in the first place. Imperial Motion is one of those brands. One day back in November, I got a call from them with an interesting idea for a project. They were coming out with a line of thermo-reactive dyed T-Shirts (or color change T-Shirts) like what I remember seeing in the early nineties. They were asking for a series of short pieces showcasing just how cool these shirts are.


It's nice having the kind of creative freedom they gave me for this. We had a clear objective & a 15 second time limit for each piece, but outside of that, they trusted my ability to communicate the main points in a simple & aesthetically pleasing manner. God bless 'em.

I'm stoked about all these pieces except the last one that just features our guy walking into frame & standing there while his shirt changes color. It's boring, un-engaging, and the change in color is hardly even noticeable in that one. The weakest of the five, for sure.

On a positive note, I saw this as a good opportunity to abandon my long lived dependency on music. I'd almost always depended on it to make the work more interesting for viewers. So for this one, I relied on the raw audio I picked up from the warehouse & had some fun reversing the audio of wine glass dings to add some fun. Worked well, don't you think?

Me too.


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