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BLEACH TACOMA (1 Minute Spot)

While part one was meant to portray a lifestyle or culture, Part two in the BLEACH series was meant to be more informative about how they connect with the community. I was able to take a couple hours to let the owners expound on that & this was the outcome. I made a point to keep this piece concise, so as to keep it at exactly a minute long. The third video will be a bit more lengthy.

(Watch in HD on Vimeo!)

As always, in hindsight, there are aspects of this piece that bother me & others that I'm proud of. However, I'm finding that these posts have ended up being mere critiques of my work & that's only one aspect of what this blog is supposed to be about. So this time, I'm just going to keep all that to myself & let the work speak for itself.

Changes are coming for this blog. I'm either going to change the format entirely or start a separate website & attach this blog to it. No matter what I decide to do, though, it will involve me updating it more often

Good day!


BLEACH TACOMA (30 Second Spot)

This summer provided me with an opportunity to produce some exciting content for one of the tightest clothing stores in the area, Bleach. It was a fun challenge & just the kind of project I needed.

This was the first in a series of videos for promoting Bleach. It was a real test capturing what the store's about & stuffing it into 30 seconds, but I'd say I passed... Not necessarily with flying colors, though...

(Watch in HD on Vimeo!)

Bleach goes by the slogan 'Clothing-Culture-Connect'. This video ended up being more about the 'culture' aspect, in that the clothing wasn't really on display & there wasn't much to show how Bleach connects with the community (which is addressed in the second video).

I'm happy with the results, but if I were to do it over again, I would have spent more time outfitting the on-screen talent to make sure everything they wear reflects well on Bleach. I also would have shot the longboarding footage in a less crowded area or earlier in the day. Lastly, I probably would have chosen a different song, as I can imagine the jarring repetitiveness of this track might be a real turn off for some. Other than that, I think I did a satisfactory job.



Mike & Deb's Movie  

Shortly after my friends Mike & Deb got engaged, they asked if I'd be interested in shooting their wedding. I said no. Aside from just not being interested in wedding videography because I think it's mamby pamby work, I also wanted to be able to enjoy my friends' wedding & not stress about capturing everything on camera. However, I did think it'd be fun to make a vid for them as a wedding gift.

So, in June or something we went to the Olympic Mountains & the Washington Coast. I documented the whole thing on camera. I saw it as a nice little adventure with two friends, where I can boss 'em around & capture it on camera. Good times... Seriously though, the trip further grew my pride in the Great Northwest. With fat mountains, cool animals & unique beaches... We live in a tight state & I didn't start to appreciate it until I was well into college!

Anyways, took a while for us to decide on a song to use & we finally decided on Young Blood by The Naked & Famous like two days before the wedding. So I banged out the edit in like a day. I fell asleep at 3:30 am on the morning of the wedding with my laptop on my chest while the video was compressing. Yeah, I'm a G.

(Watch in HD on Vimeo!)

From a production standpoint, I'm mostly happy with this! It's probably one of my best works to date. Having said that, I still have a few qualms with it. Some of the shots are over-exposed, while others are a bit out of focus or improperly color corrected. The steadicam shot at 1:56 is a disaster. I hate it! The colors look like puke & it's out of focus. Though all in all, this is not a bad piece, these little mistakes are what distinguish pro work from not-so-pro work... Positives: I'm happy with how I structured the story. I think I portrayed Washington State pretty well & did a decent job of capturing Mike & Deb's personalities. Some of the (other) steadicam shots turned out great. And lastly, my friends dug it!

Hope you enjoyed. Mazel tov & stuff!

Oh yeah, and Deb still managed to sucker me into shooting the ceremony. Cheerz.


2011 Seattle Flatland Jam

In late May I went to Marymoor Park to shoot the 3rd Annual Seattle Flatland Jam. My brother Tom has been involved in the local flatland scene for a while & it's something I was into as a kid. Shooting it was more of a challenge than I expected, mainly because most of the tricks being attempted weren't getting landed, I forgot to switch from 24fps to 60fps, and because my steadicam wasn't balanced & I didn't have a lot of time to get it dialed.  Towards the end of the day, I wasn't completely satisfied with the shots I got. I guess I felt like I didn't put enough thought into any them or something. So I came up with an idea & grabbed a rider to help bring it to life & that's how I came up with the first couple shots of the video. In the end I got enough usable footage to put something together. In post, I overdid it with color saturation & I didn't compress the file correctly, which I will never let happen again! Overall, I think the video's kind of 'eh'. I'm really hard on myself, haha.

(Watch in HD on Vimeo!)


Projects Comin' Down the Pipe

Things are coming! Haven't posted in a long time, but by no means does this mean I haven't been active. Au contraire. I've been shooting a promo video for BLEACH Clothing Store (which will be used as a portfolio piece). I'm hoping to be wrapping it up this month. Before I start editing that together, however, I have to finish a flatland BMX piece I shot about a month ago. Next on the docket is an engagement video for my friends Mike & Deb, which we shot at Hurricane Ridge & Rialto Beach here in Washington State. Down the pipe I have my sister's wedding in Mexico, which I have no idea how I'm gonna document with just one camera. There's also a short I already wrote & was planning on shooting, though at this point I just don't know if I'll have the time for it. All the while, throughout this month & next, I'll continue taking my camera everywhere to get footage for a compilation vid' I'll be cutting together at the end of Summer 2011. I plan to hit the job hunt again once I have these projects completed & in my portfolio.

Shooting for Mike & Deb's Engagement vid'... Photo by Deb Hurlburt. 

In other news, since my last post, I've gotten new gear to go with the T3i... Picked up a 50mm f/1.4 lens, which I'm using most of the time & love. Got a nice little Steadicam knock-off, which goes by the name of the Hague Mini-Motion Cam Stabilizer, that's been treating me well thus far. Also got a Sennheiser wireless mic, which I see as a pretty important thing to have. All of which were great pick-ups! At this point, I'm debating whether I should get a cam-slider next, a wide-angle lens or a GoPro. I've got my eye on a few things, but I'll have to hold off for a while... 'Til next time.